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Credit and Budget Counseling

Free Financial Advice from our Experts

One of the most valuable services we offer members is our free financial counseling. We have Certified Bank Financial Counselors on staff that have been trained to tackle financial challenges and work with members to gain the outcomes they want to achieve.
Counselors are available for both one-on-one meetings and for group sessions. Some of our accounts, like the X 2 Checking and Ride to Work Loans, have regular classes associated with them so you can make the most of your account.
During meetings, our counselors can:
. Review your credit history, budget, and current financial position
. Explain the effect your history has on your credit score
. Share strategies to help improve your credit score, manage your budget more effectively and start a plan to pay down debt or build a savings.

Scheduling an Appointment

Get to know your credit history by requesting your free credit report at creditrequest@confident-capital.org. To make your appointment with one of our counselors, give us a call at number