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About Confident Capital

We’re a partner on your road to financial freedom.

If you talk to our members, they’ll tell you all about the positive differences in banking with a Bank.
Banks are unique because anyone who has an account is also a part-owner. Instead of making money to pay dividends to stock holders, our earning go back to the members in the form of better rates, fewer fees, and new products and services.
As a member, you’ll never be treated like just another number. Instead, you’ll be treated like an owner and a valued part of our community. We are accountable to you, so everything we do is meant to help you discover a brighter financial future.

What We Offer Members

Access to valuable accounts and unique services. We want to make our member’s lives easier and to help them afford the things they want and need. We’ll help you identify what you want your future to look like and then plot out a road to get there.
Even if you have no credit history, or are working to rebuild one, we have options so a checking account, car, and home are all possible and affordable.
Easy-to-understand fees and requirements.Nobody likes surprise fees and we don’t believe in charging them. Instead, we think finances should be easy to understand so you know how to plan. We make it easy to compare your options and are always available to help you find the best product or service for you and your goals.
The knowledge and expertise of our team.We not only invest in our members, we invest our team so they have plenty of knowledge to share. Through our counseling and education services, we set you up for financial freedom.